Mothers Group



- Create a safe space where new mothers (pregnant women too) can share about their personal experiences.  

- A place where to transform vulnerability in strength and chaos in harmony. 

- Enhance Self Knowledge and emotional & somatic awarenes. 

- Learn practical resources to cope with stress, anxiety and other challenges. 

- Be social and creative


- Humanistic Integrative approach: mind, emotions and body. 

- Cognitive Behavoural techniques

- Mindfulness


There will be a total of 3 workshops during Fall 2021. 

Dates : 30th August; 6th September & 13th of September
Time: from 12,00 to 13,45 hrs. ( There will be a break where tea and snacks will be provided).
Address: Struenseegade 13A,1st floor 2200 KBH N
Language: English. 

Spots are limited. The group will be small (4-8 participants). Pregnant women and babies are welcome. 

For signing up for this group, if you are not my patient you should take this two steps ( if you are or have been my patient, you just need to take step 2) : 

1)  Have a phone call with me . It will be a 10 minutes talk in which I look forward hearing about you, where you come from, your interests, your current life, and if you have ever done therapy before.
*This action is required to make sure this group can be beneficial for you and the group can benefit from your participation. will be glad to answer in this meeting any questions you have too.

2) Pay the total price of the 3 meetings which is 1900 DKK ( even if attendance to all workshops is not possible) . It can be fragmented the total payment and if it is necessary ( previous agreement, just ask me, no shame – I am here to help). * Some work & health insurances cover the total or partial fee of this  group. Asktoyour insurance about this option. 

 It is important to do the payment when you reserve a spot. Once the payment is done the spot will be reserved for you automatically. The payment can be done by mobile pay ( 73883) .
* The reason why payment is required in advance is for the members of the group to commit to this project ; this bring safety and confidence to the group. If you can not attend to one workshop is totally fine, I firmly believe you can benefit from this experience). 

Cancellation policy: the money will not be refunded in any case once the payment is done.  

(*Please notice that until the payment is not made, the spot will not be fully reserved).

Safety: COVID-19 measures are rigorously applied. Corona pass will be requested. Hand sprit will be provided. If anyone has any symptoms, suspicion  or have been in contact with someone infected please do not come to the meeting. 

Previous years I have facilitated  self-development groups in Copenhagen and the participants have been very satisfied with this experience ( by feedback assessment).

Hope to count with you in this inspiring and cross-cultural project. Any doubts please do not hesitate to contact me.