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“Life wanted me to meet Cristina at a time when I needed to unblock my energy,

to flow and to resolve a pending issue with a childhood friend. Cristina knew how

to accompany me as only professionals can do: with mastery, much care, at my

own pace and showing great respect for my experiences at all times. We started

out a therapy road in which Cristina was able to skilfully combine technique and

humanity, in a respectful way, like an orchestra conductor, knowing when she had

to use a certain methodology without being too obvious. The experience was very

valuable to me and I truly believe that anyone lucky enough to put themselves into

her hands shall agree with me.

Thank you, Cristina, for being there when you were needed.”

PAOLA CABRAL, Dominican Republic

"I went to Spain from Dominican Republic to Europe looking for new career

opportunities. It was a very difficult time for leave behind family and friends with

whom he had a close relationship . I was able to perform a therapeutic process

(which it included a deep morning process) with Cristina . Her care , sensitiveness,

trust and respect for my own pace , allowed me to truly connect with my feelings

and relieve the pain. I was able to close past chapters and prepare to take on this

new life , choosing how I wanted to live. I felt fully supported by Cristina going

through all my previous experiences.

It was a moment that truly marked a turning point in my life and I feel very grateful.”

MARIA, Copenhagen Expat

"I really appreciate Cristina’s help with untangling the knot my expat life had become. I had worked really hard to finally get my dream job but the stress symptoms were bad and getting worse. I could not continue that way but, at the same time, I definitely wanted to keep working in the profession I love and do well. Cristina helped me to notice that I had neglected other areas of my life, like taking care of my physical health and finding ways to spend enough time with the people I love (many of whom live outside Denmark). On top of working on my stress management, Cristina led me to the realization that I need to resolve some of these other matters in order to feel good about my work and life again. I really appreciate it that Cristina also gave me a bunch of tools to help me to keep taking better care of myself in the future. I think we made awesome progress and I really learned some more meaningful ways to "manage" my life. Living and working abroad often brings about some extra challenges to one’s life. So, I think Cristina’s work and help are really important for the well-being of the expat community here in Copenhagen!"

JOSE, Spain

"When I met Cristina for the first time, anxiety had beaten me up and I barely could tell how. Besides that, I had experienced grey periods of time where I felt blocked by worrisome thoughts, fears and lack of self confidence. We made a trip to the past in a quest to bring back old memories pertaining to my present problems and, from there, we worked together in different areas both from my work and personal liFe where I needed support.

Thanks to Cristina not only I did overcome my anxiety issues, but also accomplished to settle down, become more capable to face harder challenges, win back an ambition for my professional career I did not have in ages and, above all, be much happier.

The therapy work with Cristina has been an exercise that made a profound impact on myself and that has helped me to know myself better, organise my thoughts and bring light to the future that is yet to come. I feel very fortunate and grateful for meeting you, Cristina, and I hope you bring the same light to many other people who also need it".

LIN, Taiwan

“This is my first time to seek help from a professional. I asked for help as I had been very stressed from work for a long time, and I didn’t know how to deal with it accordingly. So in the end I was crushed. Cristina earned my trust after the first two sessions as she was able to follow my thoughts and logic. I believe this skill is one of the main reasons why she is so good at her job.


Cristina respects my background, including the culture and education. She was willing to and capable of adjusting the wordings, the structure, or the skills of the conversation for me. In other words, she is dedicated to helping her clients.


The most important improvement after the therip therapeutic with Cristina is that I understand myself better. Also, I have a little more confidence in myself. I can try to analyse and understand why a certain behavioural pattern, or specific emotions or thoughts occur under specific circumstances. After understanding this, I can apply different tools to deal with the situation. This new established ability brings me great relief. In most of the sessions Cristina and I worked on this together, and I will say that Cristina did a great job assisting and guiding me through the whole process.”


"When I first met Cristina I was in crisis. With her practical advise and her support I found my way not only out of my crisis but found balance again. Cristina's approach is not just academi, but also human. Or maybe that was her approach with me because that was what I needed. I believe Cristina's biggest asset is her ability to adapt to the needs of her clients. I'm so glad I met Cristina when I did because I emerged from my crisis stronger. "

PEDRO, Spain

"I came to Cristina at a difficult time where a buildup of circumstances / problems had made me lose my reins and be quite lost. Together with Cristina I embarked on a journey to meet myself and the important people of my life, loose many fears, close past wounds letting them go, as well as give me the opportunity to enjoy again. I will always be grateful to Cristina for her human treatment and professionalism during this trip. Also, for her ability to show me in a simple way the importance of granting basic principles that I had very forgotten. This time with Cristina has been my first therapeutic experience. Although it is difficult to take the step at first, now I can not be more pleased to have asked for her help. "

KAROL, Chile

"I had a wonderful experience with Cristina as my therapist. This was my first time seeking professional help and it was not an easy decision, to expose your life to a complete stranger. But from the moment we met, I felt safe and in confidence and I knew there was a reason our roads crossed in Copenhagen. Cristina does not push your further from your confidence, what you want to give, she is very respectful of timing and topics that you want to talk about, and she guides you with patience and professionalism through a path to reach the right balance. I learned a lot about myself during this process and I became reconciled with my past, which without her help I wouldn’t have been able to reach. I will be always grateful. "

MARIA, Portugal

"I guess I had some pre-conceived ideas about psychotherapy, and thought that I could solve my problems by myself… but I arrive at a point with physical symptoms that a neurological exam could not detect or explain. It was not hardware but a software problem.  In the last couple of years I went through some stressful life events, and the experience of the loss of family members, being away from my country, culture and friends made me fall into a spiral of fear and stress. Cristina was a safe place where I shared, discovered and understood my incomplete mourning process. Cristina was there with me when I went through this inner journey.  She did not point the way, but she definitely gave me the light I needed to be able to see it. I needed help. I am glad I looked for it. It was worth. Now I know more about myself and about therapy, as she satisfied my pragmatic need of understanding the process to be able to see my inner journey. Now I feel that I have the tools and I know where to get resources to continue. "