Psychotherapy is the treatment carried out by a health professional to assist the person concerned in attaining a series of improvements and positive changes in connection with his/her behaviour, psychological, emotional and physical health. 

Humanistic psychotherapy allows you to take a deeper look into your personal conflicts, be aware of difficulties and to develop your own resources to put an end to unresolved issues.

Psychotherapy assists you in understanding and being understood without judging. It is process of realising what we think and feel, our attitudes and actions, how we relate to others and how we assist in creating situations, with the purpose of supporting their understanding, assimilation and positive transformation.

In sessions, we work using words, emotions and, where appropriate, body work is also carried out.

Emotions regulate mental functioning, organising both thought and action. This energy in motion makes the body react. When emotions are suitably processed, action arises and when not, the body is blocked.

- Greenberg and Paivio

Reaching the limit is not necessary, that is, the point where there is no way out; neither do you have to “be  crazy” to start a personal or group therapy process. People going to psychotherapy are as ordinary as you and me.

- Alfonso Colodrón